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Description of Waze

Waze app is a Google-owned community-driven GPS navigation software application that provides turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted travel times and route details. It is powered and used by drivers all over the world.

It displays maps with other users, hazards, traffics jams, police traps, accidents, and much more. It works on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows Mobile platforms.

Features of Waze

  • User-friendly Interface

Latest Waze application has a clean and intuitive user interface with a pure white background and colorful icons that makes it simple enough to understand. You can also change the color of the interface and symbols that pop-up on the map.

  • Map Views

The map views of Waze are very detailed. Most of the maps are also downloadable for offline use but to use GPS navigation you need an internet connection. Also, you can't see real-time traffic information without the internet. You can even pin any place as your favorite on the map and bookmark it.

  • GPS Navigation

Waze gives you instructions based on your real-time location through GPS navigation. There is also a Hand-free Guide option that provides you service through voice-prompts. It even allows you to choose from the Android voice template for voice navigation. You can also record your own voice to use it as a template.

  • Traffic Information

Along with the route, Waze shows you real-time traffic information and sends you pop-up notifications for traffic alerts while on navigation mode. It even permits you to limit the notification or completely remove them.

You can also filter the options to see related establishments in the area. Waze app also alerts you about roadblocks, road closures, and speed cameras.

  • Play Music

Waze is integrated with music streaming applications allowing you to play your favorite music through the interface. You can play music even on GPS navigation mode.

Music playing will only be interrupted when Waze gives you voice commands and then resume again.

  • Social Community Platform

The Waze application also permits you to connect social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can integrate your contacts list to the Waze app, and add your friends’ addresses as marked pins.

  • Scheduling

Waze shows you the best route and time to start your journey considering the traffic reports. It also gives you an approximate time of arrival at your destination and lets you send ETA and your currents location to your friends and family.

It is a great application for streamlining your appointments by setting planned drives and syncing it with your calendar. So, you will always know your next destination.

  • Customization Options

You can customize most of the features of the Waze app as you wish. You can lock any direction to your map to point there or enable auto-zoom in one tap function. You can also choose night or day mode, 2D or 3D view, etc.

Furthermore, Waze offers you incognito mode if you don’t want your location and search activity to be tracked. you can choose any user name you want so you don't need to use your real name. The best feature of it is, if you want to make sure that your location is anonymous while surfing the web, you can fake your GPS location.

  • Locate Wazers

This Android Waze app gives you an alert when it detects the presence of other Wazers who might want to chat with you. You can even carpool with others heading the same way as you.


79.70 MB

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