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Description of Smule

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Smule is the social singing app developed by an American mobile app developer in San Francisco, where you enjoy millions of karaoke songs. It helps you to connect with different people from all over the world and sing together.

It is available on Android, iOS, and Apple TV.

How Smule Works?

The working process of Smule is very simple. You can either accept an invitation from another player or create your own arrangement for others to join in to start singing. You can choose to sing solo or do a duet. In a duet, the app instructs you to sing only the lines that are highlighted.

After the song is recorded it is then combined with another user’s recorded part to complete the track. In Smule application, the karaoke does not occur in real-time rather songs are recorded in players' own voices first.

Singing duet is the most popular feature in Smule where you can connect to people through your favorite music. You can also sing with different pop stars by using the “Sing with the Artist” feature.

Although their parts are pure-recorded but listening to your voice along with your favorite artists makes it feel extremely real.

Interface and song choices

The interface of Smule app gives you a professional vibe and is also easy to use. You can easily navigate between different features of the app here. The features in the apps' interface are all in bold texts and colors that make them easy to read. It is also ad-free.

There are options like friend’s activity, listening section, or songbook where you can listen to songs your friends posted, most popular collaboration, or find out new and trending songs.

Players can look through a vast number of genres such as pop, R&B, or hip hop, or search for a particular song in the search bar.

Social aspects

“Smule Sing!” incorporates features from other social media platforms making it easy to interact with other players and even become friends. You can follow other players and become friends with them.

Players can also upvote and comment on each other's tracks.


  • There millions of songs to sing for free. The app also provides lyrics and background music to make it easier for you. So, you can sing karaoke anytime and anywhere.
  • Though most of the features require you to record your song first you can also choose to sing live.
  • You can choose to sing solo or duet to songs, sing a cappella, dance, play along, or just listen to songs others posted.
  • There is also features that polish your vocals by using different sound effects making you sound like a pro.
  • The feature pitch correction helps you with real-time tuning while you sing.
  • You can create a video song in Smule for both solo and duel. Not only that Smule also permits you to record a video and add your pre-recorded song in it making you the star of your very own music video.
  • The video filter feature lets you add a different filter in your video like Selfie, Vintage, Black & White, Sepia, and Fight Club.
  • Smule application gives you many effects like smoke, bubbles, and fireflies, to make your recording look more enticing.
  • The Smule Songbook allows you to upload your songs for other singers to perform.
  • It lets you connect to other platforms like Facebook and karaoke with friends and also chat with others.
  • Customize your profile in Smule using different options and add your favorite karaoke in it.
  • There is a VIP Pass feature that lets you create your duets and invite others to join in.

Smule app updates new songs daily and is working on adding new features. Every day a terabyte of their songs is being uploaded by its users to Smule's network.


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