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Description of Terabox

Terabox APK offers a free cloud storage service to its users.

With this app, you can store your important files such as documents, pictures, videos, music, etc. Besides that, you can use this application on any device. To use this app all you need to do is just sign up and create a username and password, and then you are ready to dive into its features.

In the latest Terabox application, you can create a folder to manage your important files and documents. Moreover, it has a free and paid version. In the paid version, you can unlock plenty of features and upload large files effortlessly, which will come in handy for your online or offline business.

In addition, it supports all types of files like Word files, PDF, various image files, and music files.

Furthermore, this Terabox app secures backup strongly so that you don’t lose your memorable photos and important business documents mistakenly. You can transfer files to the app and share them with your friends. To secure your all-important files and documents, it could be an idle choice for you.

Features Of Terabox

Terabox latest version app is an excellent app for storing and securing your photos, files, and documentation. You will have safe backup, sync, access, and content-sharing options to enhance the storing experience.

  • Normal interface and is easy to use.
  • Create a folder as per your choice and move the files between them.
  • Get automatic photo backup on your phone.
  • Archive your files effortlessly.
  • Upload multiple files.
  • Get your docs file by searching for the name and keyword.
  • Transfer files to different file storage.
  • Now preview photos and online video playback with outstanding quality.
  • Get wide support for various media files.
  • Access files synchronized with any computer or mobile device from anywhere.
  • Wide customization option.

How To Transfer Device Photos To Teralox

Now those days are gone when you lose your phone you lose all your personal information as well. Back then it was so difficult to restore your old files, but today technology has evolved, and recovering your files and documents is now easier than ever.

Remember, you can only restore your files once you have already stored them on your cloud storage service. Otherwise, you won’t be able to restore the files. To avoid this kind of issue, back up your files using a cloud storage service provider's application. 

Method 1: First, download Terabox APK and install it on your device.

Method 2: Now open your gallery photos on your device.

Method 3: Select the photos to be uploaded.

Method 4: Tap on the share button.

Method 5: After that, locate and select save to the app.

Method 6: Now select an upload path.

Method 7: Lastly, tap on upload. 


Terabox APK is the best option for you if you don’t have enough space on Android anymore.

With this app, you can now store various kinds of files, photos, and documentation for the rest of your life. It has a friendly interface and wide customization options for organized content and changing the interface style. It’s a lifesaver application for those people who have device memory problems.

Flextech Inc.

112 MB

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