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Description of Test DPC

Test DPC application is a sampling device policy that gives developers the ability to view the context in which their application operates. Used for app development, it enables you to set up a work profile, enabled work apps, restricted applications, and protected policies.

The developer of this product, the sample developer, has engineered this application to help other application developers understand how their applications work while running on Android devices. Thus, application developers are advised to use this tool before publishing their application.

Keep in mind that the tool is designed for development rather than just production. The data presented by this application may be used for consideration, but not for presentable information.


  • Absolutely free
  • Test DPC can test all Android applications on a phone. It has all the features to appreciate the code and behavior of the work environment.
  • The app comes with built-in development strategies aimed at facilitating relationships with clients.
  • The option to customize device administration strategies attempts to support multiple applications.
  • It replenishes users to personalize admin situations according to their needs.
  • When conducting test DPCs, developers have the freedom to solve growing problems in the test culture.

How to use?

After the app is installed on the android device, the first thing that needs to be done is to set some parameters in the application. The next step is running the tested app on the android device.

With the tool running in the background, the tested app will read it as a system rather than a device system.

From this test, the tool will display some indicators representing the behavior of the tested app. Changing the device parameters allows the developer to simulate different devices. The tested app may behave differently according to the parameters set in the test DPC.

The final step is to evaluate the behavior of the tested app based on the data presented by the tool.


To make Transforming one of the best device policy regulators, the Test DPC APK allows an application engineer to run and test advanced applications under adverse conditions.

Test DPC
Sample developer

5.07 MB

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