Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider

Soner Kara

159 MB


Description of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is an excellent gaming app. Those who love to play driving games will love this app. In this 1st person driving game, you have to ride a motorbike at full speed and go through the traffic.

Here's the endless highway for you to ride a motorbike on will really give you a great gaming experience.

How to play Traffic Rider

While playing this Traffic Rider game, press the right handlebar to accelerate the bike and you can stop by pressing the left handlebar. And to tilt the bike side to side, you just have to tilt your device.

At the beginning of this game you will not be given a very powerful bike, but gradually you will have the opportunity to unlock different larger and more powerful bikes. Since there are not many snake bites on the highway, you can enjoy your ride without any worries.

Features of Traffic Rider

Below are some of the nice features of the Traffic Rider game,

  • In this game you will get first person camera view.
  • There are 29 great motorbikes that you can choose from.
  • Here you will find the sound of a real motorbike ride. Which will give you the feeling of actually driving a motorbike.
  • Play by setting the Detailed Environment at any time of the day or night.
  • Here you will find different gaming moods and dozens of racing events.
  • You will find online leaderboards and 30+ achievements.
  • This game supports 19 languages.

The excellent features described above will definitely inspire you to play the game. Here are some tips for those who want to play this Traffic Rider game that you can follow to get extra scores and cash.

  • The faster you ride, the more you can score.
  • You can get bonus scores and cash by driving over 100kmh and overtaking traffic cars closely.
  • Get extra score and cash by driving in opposite direction in two-way gives.
  • You can get extra score and cash by doing wheelies.

This great gaming app is very safe, and you can play it from your mobile for free, you need to download Traffic Rider APK from below. This is one of the best racing games to play on Android. Its excellent screenplay and great interface will give you the experience of actually racing on a motorbike.

Traffic Rider
Soner Kara

159 MB

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