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Description of Viber

Viber application is a cross-platform instant messaging application for Android device. It allows users to make free calls, send texts, pictures, and video messages to other Viber users for free via Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity.

Key Features of Viber

  • Audio & Video Calls

Along with instant messaging options, Viber lets you make audio and video calls in HD-quality for free of cost.

  • Build Your Community

Building communities bring people closer to each other. Viber app offers you to create your communities through group chats, with unlimited members, more admin control, and new conversation features.

  • Smart Notifications

If you are getting irritated by receiving notifications for every message your friends send, then the Smart Notification feature is for you. This feature shows up all the messages of a conversation in a single notification instead of separate ones, saving you from continuous distraction due to the ringing or vibration.

  • Switching Between Conversations

This feature makes it easier to change chat rooms when you are conversing with several people simultaneously. Instead of going to the app’s main page every single time you just need to enter any chat room and swipe to the right of your device screen and see all your active chat rooms. You can easily switch to a different chat room by tapping on it.

  • Hide Seen and Online Status

Sometimes you don't want to let people see when you are online or see the 'Seen' status when you view any message. Viber takes care of it by letting you hide the 'Seen' and 'Online' status by disabling these features and give you a little bit more privacy.

  • Delete A Message for Everyone

Many times, we sent a message to the wrong person or group by mistake. To undo the mistake immediately Viber lets you delete the wrong sent messages for everyone.

  • Block and Unblock Contacts

Viber application allows you to block any contact number to restrict them from sending you any message or call you using Viber. You can also unblock them whenever you want.

  • Hide Viber Chat

With this amazing feature, you can hide any Viber chat you want to keep a secret and refrain others from finding them.

  • Open Secret Chat

At times we want extra privacy for some conversations. For these private conversations, Viber app permits you to switch to secret chat from a normal chat.

  • Share Location

This feature allows you to easily share your location with your friends and family, saving your time and energy you would have wasted in explaining your whereabouts.

  • Chat Extensions

The latest Viber app offers some chat extensions for you to use while you are chatting.  You can search, find, and share music, GIFs, videos, restaurants, events, hotels, and more through your favorite websites without ever leaving your chats.

Other functions

Other than the above-mentioned features Viber has many other functions, such as,

  • Join group voice calls.
  • Turn off notifications.
  • Turn off the light screen for messages.
  • Scribble on any picture.
  • Create custom stickers.
  • Open chats gallery.
  • Change the Wi-Fi sleep plan.
Viber Media S.à r.l.

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