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Description of Wish

The Wish app is one of the most popular shopping applications that is available on the computer, Android devices and iPhones. This e-commerce shopping app attracted many customers due to its dramatically reduced prices of the products.

How the Wish Works?

Wish application uses data mining and machine learning to show users the products they want to buy, save, or share. It benefits both the buyers and sellers by showing just a handful of products at once and eliminating clutter for the buyers.

The app also has a built-in data connector that analyses customer feedback from the App Store with just a few simple clicks. To start using it, first of all you need to register for an account. Once it is done you will be able to skim through the available deals by category.

Features of Wish

  • Sign-Up

To use the Wish app this is a must. The process of signing up is very simple. You can either sign up using your Facebook or Gmail login, or you can even create a new login with your email address.

  • Wide Range of Options

You can browse through the Wish application as much as you want. To make it easier for you to find your desired items, Wish shows you the products in different categories. There are numerous product categories available in Wish, including Accessories, Baby & Kids, Fashion, Gadgets, Hobbies, Home Decor, Phone Upgrades, and more.

There is even a section named Made for You. In this section, you can order customized items, such as T-shirts, mugs, and other items that can be customized with your name or anything you want to etch in them.

  • Search for Any Item

The main feature of any e-commerce or shopping application is its search engine. The search must show accurate results to find any item the customers want. The search feature of Wish is very simple, you just need to type the item name you want, and Wish will show you every single match available.

  • Search with Filters

To enable you to find your desired product easily and quickly Wish offers you a set of personalized filters. With these filters, you can narrow down your search results and find what you need in a faster and easier way.

  • Exclusive Filter Options

Along with the search filters, the Wish app also offers some exclusive filters for each item, such as color, size, product rating, and other tags. With these filters, customers can easily find the most suitable product matching their preferences.

  • Notifications & Alerts

Wish Android app allows you to set notifications and alerts for personalized promo deals and flash sales announcements. So, you will never miss out on a chance to shop on sales.

  • Optimized Algorithm

To provide the most meticulous and appropriate findings to the buyers, Wish utilizes the data submitted by users. The data mainly includes the products they like or the goods they rejected. With the app's optimized algorithm, it quickly proceeds the new data and learns how to deliver precise results to the shoppers.

  • Shopping Cart

When the customer likes any item, they can add the item on the Shopping Cart and click 'Buy' to make a purchase.

  • Gift Card

For every new user, Wish offers a $10 gift card when they sign up. You can use this $10 bonus to purchase any item on Wish you want.

  • Referral Bonus

Another attractive feature of Wish is the Referral bonus it gives to the customers. If you recommend this app to others and get them to sign up successfully, you will get a referral bonus for it.

  • Payment

Secure payment is the most important part of any shopping application. Wish allows you to pay in many ways, including credit/debit cards, net banking, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and e-wallets, etc. You can use any payment method you want.

  • Discount Offers

Wish app regularly gives up to 60-90% discounts in various products, such as popular items, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kids' toys, baby items, shoes, electronics, telephone cases, kitchen tools, home goods, beauty, jewelry, watches, bags, accessories, and more.

Wish Inc.

27.87 MB

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