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Description of Yousician

Now you will able to download Yousician apk for your phone.

Basically, this app will help you to learn how to sing or how to play guitar, ukulele, or bass for free. It is great for beginners and even advanced players can enjoy it as well.

The curriculum of Yousician is such that it helps musicians of all levels, from complete beginners to pros, self-learners to students. It works on nearly every device, including Android devices, iOS, tablets, computers, etc.

The Yousician service is designed on audio signal processing technology that can detect notes and chords played by its users on their physical instruments (both acoustic and electric).

Using the inbuilt microphone of the devices, it takes notice of the users' play, gives feedback on accuracy and timing, and tracks their progress over time.

Features of Yousician

  • Music Lessons Designed by Experts

Unlike most other applications, Yousician does not use any AI to plan your lessons, rather it lets real music experts design music lessons tailored especially for you based on your performance.

  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

Yousician app provides you video tutorials with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. It helps you enrich your knowledge about music with these tutorials.

  • Feedbacks

This music application not only shows you amazing tutorials but also provides you with instant feedback to improve your precision and timing.

  • Explore as You Wish

Yousician application has a huge library of popular songs. You can play any song anytime you want from the library. There are 1000s of lessons, exercises, and videos for every skill level available in this app for you to explore.

Play music at your own pace to practice as much as you like.

  • No Cords or Cables Needed

With Yousician you don't need to worry about buying buy any additional equipment like cords and cables, all you need is your instrument.

  • Acoustic & Electric

No matter what you prefer acoustic or electric, you can learn it all, Guitar, Bass, Piano or Uke.

  • Available Topics

At present, it offers five topics - guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, and voice. For every instrument, Yousician has a particular syllabus developed and produced in-house by the company.

  • Various Missions & Exercise

For every topic in Yousician app, there are songs, exercises, tutorial videos, and mini-games available for you to learn new skills. There are around 150 missions and over 25,000 exercises available in this app.

  • Create Content

This app also offers you a user-generated content platform where you can create your own music via a built-in editor. You can even choose to share it with the community if you want.

  • Set Goals

You can set daily goals in Yousician application and track & monitor your progress.

  • Friendly Challenges

It also allows you to compete in weekly challenges against your friends and millions of other Yousicians worldwide.

  • Premium Subscription

Yousician app also provides subscription services. You can subscribe to Premium for unlimited and uninterrupted playtime across all platforms, and upgrade to Premium+ for unlimited access to licensed songs.

There are different subscription plans for you to choose from. The subscription price may vary by country. It offers an auto-renewal option that can also be turned off if you want.

Yousician Ltd.

63.27 MB

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