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Description of Zomato

Zomato application is a great restaurant search engine.

With this Zomato Android app, you can discover numerous restaurants. Here you can find out the menus of different restaurants. You can decide which food is the best by reading the reviews of others and you can enjoy all the fun foods at home by delivering at home.

Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah founded this great app in 2008.

Feature of Zomato

Below are some great features of the Zomato app,

  • You can order the food you want to eat from the best restaurants through this app. This app is great for delivering all kinds of food you want to eat including pizza pasta, biryani, Butter chicken, Pizza, pasta etc. So, choose the restaurant of your choice from the search app and order the item of your choice for your breakfast / lunch / dinner.
  • In this Zomato app, you will find detailed information about their restaurant partners. You can know their menu, price, location, delivery process. You can safely take food from them.
  • Home delivery is available in about 500 cities around the world through this app. In a very short time, they will deliver your required food and beverage to your home.
  • You can buy your daily necessities like vegetables, fruits, fish and meat from Zomato Market. These will be delivered to you shortly.
  • You can keep track of each of your orders. For example, where did you order from, exactly at what time did you receive the delivery etc.
  • You can rate all the restaurants you have visited or the services you have ordered food from. You can also attach pictures of food. You can share with others which foods you liked or did not like.
  • You can get up to 40% discount on food by becoming a member Zomato Pro.
  • With this app you can book the table of any partner restaurant in advance. All you have to do is tell them how many tables you need. As a result you don’t have to wait in line for a table at the restaurant.
  • Here you can find out what your friends or others like to eat and where they are going to eat by searching the Zomato feed.

These great features will definitely inspire you to use the app. You can enjoy the Zomato app from anywhere in the world. Now this service is available in India, UAE, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Lebanon, the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, the UK, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, the Czech Republic Available in Slovakia, Poland, Chile, Italy, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Malaysia and Singapore.

Is Zomato safe:

Zomato always tries to provide security to the user in hygiene and other matters. But be careful in choosing the restaurant you are going to eat at or where you are taking home delivery from.

The Zomato app will greatly enhance your dining experience. If you are a food lover then order any item of your choice through this app.


46.39 MB

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