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Description of APK Editor

APK Editor, as the name proposes is a platform to edit APK files saved in your device. It consents users to change the contents of any Android application.

It can offer a lot of benefits to users that are not found generally on a system. With APK Editor application one can modify any application and make it suitable for them to use.

How to use?

Using this app is not at all complex. You can do many wonders with this app if you have the skills to use it.

There are two types of editing possible in APK Editor, which is full edit and simple edit.

  • Full Edit: The Full Edit feature permits its users to rebuild files from an APK.
  • Simple Edit: This option allows users to replace files inside an APK.

The use of Full Edit is a little complex and strenuous process for those who are not experienced in handling APK files, but Simple Edit can be used much more easily.

To start working with APK Editor app, first of all, you have to choose between Full and Simple Edit. It is extremely easy to edit any application. If an APK is not available in your device, you can also extract it from your installed application and then edit it.

But users should remember that to use APK Editor to its full potential one must be knowledgeable with the workings of APK files and APK coding.

Regardless of which type of editing you choose; you'll quickly realize that it's really easy to edit any aspect of an APK. You can change an app's background image, add or remove languages, or even delete permissions. Everything depends on how skilled you are.

Features of APK Editor

The key features are,

  • Alter App Name

This APK Editor application lets you change or modify the name of any application. You can name it like any other folder present in your device.

  • Replace Background Image

You can change the background pictures of any app.

  • String Localization

The latest version of APK Editor app helps you localize the string files in your Android device. You can even change the default language of any app by adding your desired translation.

  • Layout Re-Architecting

You can re-architect the total layout of any applications. You can even change the app icon and create customized icons for your apps.

  • Moves Apps to SD Card

APK Editor application allows you to move any app from your device storage to your SD card.

Features of APK Editor Pro

APK Editor Pro is the premium version of the free version. To use this version user, need to know APK coding. It has many additional features allowing it to edit even the internal workings of any applications, such as -

  • Removes Ad

You can remove irritating commercials from any of your applications and enjoy an ad-free experience.

  • Smali Code Editing

In APK files there is a group of codes called smali code. APK Editor allows you to edit smali code and convert it to java code.

  • App Data Editing

With APK Editor app, you can also edit the internal data of any application.

  • Patch Feature

A patch is used to modify any application. This apps editor app supports patch features.

  • Remove Permissions

Most applications require numerous permissions to work. Many of the permissions may be unnecessary to you. Using APK Editor application, you can eliminate undesirable Permissions on the application.

APK Editor

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