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Cheat Droid

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Description of Cheat Droid

Cheat Droid application is a developer tool. Are you a developer and want to debug shared preferences for your apps?

You care about data privacy and want to see, which apps store any information about you? Trying to recover your password by forgetting your application or game? Are you just some kind of “hacker” and just technically interested?

Then try Cheat Droid is Shared Preferences Editor. Sharing preferences is the most common way to store settings or information inside your phone's data for Android apps and games.


  1. Allows you to edit plain text, SQLite, shared performance, third-party applications, and many more installed Android applications and games.
  2. add, edit, view, search through and delete shared preferences.
  3. Browse through the SQLite database files.
  4. edit SQLite database files.
  5. export and import preferences file.
  6. It lets you customize a variety of Android apps and games on your smartphone and create your own design apps and games.
  7. It helps you manage all the security settings in your data that can keep your data safe.
  8. It allows you to recover forgotten passwords of all applications and games in a very short time.


  1. Of course a rooted device is required.
  2. Minimum operating system: Android 4.0.
  3. Offers in-app purchases.
  4. Requires activation of the "Unknown Sources" option in Settings> Applications to install the application via APK file.


This Cheat Droid apk will provide another great feature using this function, you can easily recover the passwords of all the Android apps, games and other objects that you forgot. Simply you can download this apk file from our site.

It is an easy way to customize your apps on your Android phone.

Cheat Droid
Cheat Droid

2.31 MB

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