Google Play Services

Google Play Services

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Description of Google Play Services

Google Play Services is an exclusive background service and Application programming interface (API) package for Android devices from Google. It runs in the background of an Android-powered device all the time.

It manages things like your push notifications, whenever an app wants your location and other everyday stuff like that.

Google Play Services application is a layer of software that links your apps, Google services, and Android together. It is used to update applications from the Google Play store, as well as Google's own apps.

Why It Is Needed?

Play Services are installed on most Android devices automatically. If it is not installed in your device beforehand you can also download it as it is vital for your device. This package of APIs is responsible for the core functionality like location services, validation, access, and syncing for your device.

Google apps won’t work properly without it. It gives you the liberty to use the latest APIs for popular Google services without worrying about device support. It even frequently updates apps from the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Services works as the heartbeat of your Android. This isn’t actually like a typical app, but rather an important system that keeps your other programs up to date. They are a set of APIs used by other apps. It even affects your device’s operating system.

Services Provide by This API

Google Play Services is actually an API that improves communication between apps. It is a bundle of a group of other services that assist its user. Some of these are defined below -

  • Google Drive APIs: Google Play Services makes it easier to share and store files from other apps in your Google Drive.
  • Location APIs: Without Google Services, it becomes really tough to use your device for getting from one place to another. Location API can take involuntary actions when a user enters or leaves a certain geographic boundary.
  • Google Maps API: Google Maps not only shows you directions to your destination but can also be used to order food or ride and many other things. Without Google Maps API those activities wouldn't be possible. This API allows other applications to access Google Maps without leaving the app.
  • Google Play Game Services: Google Play Game Services offer the services developers use so that it can create a communal and competitive user experience. It confirms that your game data is synced and saved.
  • Google+ platform: Some apps necessitate to sign in with Google+ Platform. This service lets you access multiple accounts using a single username and password.
  • Android API: It allows Google Drive to work as a structure for storage and offers the ability to look-up and sync document data.
  • Ad Monetization & Payments: Play Services also include Google Mobile ads services and allow monetization considering that it targets users based on factors such as user location.

Google Play Services app is indispensable for your Android. If disabled it can affect the apps on your device including YouTube, Chrome, and even the Google Play Store. It is foolish to use an Android device without it.

Google Play Services
Google LLC

181 MB

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