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Description of Octopus

Octopus application is a great gaming tool for Android phone. With this gaming engine, you can play almost all the games with keyboard, mouse or gamepad. This Octopus app is very professional and very easy to use.

All you have to do is sync the peripheral devices with cable or bluetooth and then map all the keys or buttons.

Features Of Octopus

This Octopus app is best for game lovers who like to play games on mobile. Below are some of its great features,

  • One of the amazing things about the Octopus application is that it supports most apps and games. You can add any game you want to play here.
  • It supports peripherals such as Gamepads, Keyboards, Mouse, Xbox, PS, IPGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech.
  • This app has preset key configurations for more than 30 featured games. So you don't have to waste any extra time for setup.
  • In addition to the gamepad or keyboard mode, the Octopus has some special modes for some specific games. Such as Advanced shooting mode for FPS games or smart casting mode for MOBA games.
  • In addition to preset keymap, you can also customize your own keymap here. Here are some control components for you to strengthen your gaming experience.
  • In this app you get the opportunity to record screen. With this key recorder option you can record your every combat.
  • Here is the game calibration feature through which you can calibrate some standard gamepads or controllers.
  • Octopus supports Google Play Store account login. So, you can synchronize your game data or download the Octopus plugin.
  • In this app you will find fake location function.
  • There is a RAM cleaning function that will make the games run smoother and make your gaming experience more enjoyable.
  • In Octopus pro app, you will get many more benefits like some games you can draw the path of your choice. You can draw the path as you like. You can hit several times in the same position. You can sort many keys according to the hit sequence. You can set dead zone for analog movement. You can play the same game with different keymaps by creating profile. You will also get many more benefits in Octopus pro.

It is best for those who like to play a lot of games on Android. It allows you to play all the games of your choice, more importantly it enhances the gaming experience a lot. The game is much more exciting than using multiple devices.

This latest Octopus application will multiply the joy of your game. Gamers can download the app from Google Play or any trusted site.

Octopus Gaming Studio

14.87 MB

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