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Description of Myphonerobot

Myphonerobot APK is an exceptional app for making prank calls. It will allow you to prank call your friends or family members using a deceptive number. Plus, you will be able to change your voice as well. But the best part is you can convert your text messages into a voice message effortlessly.

In the latest Myphonerobot app, you will be able to send pre-recorded audio calls to your friends to have fun. Likewise, you can change your voice, record calls, hide or change your ID and so much more. Additionally, you will have a user-friendly interface to navigate the call logs smoothly. 

Aside from that, you cannot enjoy all the features of unlimited time because each call will cost you in credits, so you have to purchase the premium version. However, you can still use all the features but for a limited time. That’s also not a bad deal.

Features Of Myphonerobot Application

Myphonerobot app is a top-notch application for making prank calls.

It has a unique prank call feature that allows users to do a lot of fun stuff. Along with that, you will get ultimate privacy and security. In addition, you may be able to download the app for free, but each feature will cost you if you like to use them properly.

Let's explore its cool features below that you will experience while using the app.

  • Make prank calls.
  • Get SMS changer sender ID.
  • Voice poll.
  • Send pre-recorded audio calls to your friends.
  • Change your voice while making a call or during a call.
  • Convert your text messages into voice messages effortlessly.
  • Hide your real caller identity and call anonymously.
  • Get ultimate privacy.
  • Enjoy the best voice changer function.

How To Make Prank Call On Myphonerobot App

Now you can make a prank call with your friends and family without letting them know.

There is no chance that they will catch you red-handed. Instead, it will provide you with ultimate privacy to hide your real identity. Therefore, if you like to make prank calls with your friends for next-level fun, then you may want to follow the method below.

Method 1: To make a prank call with friends, download Myphonerobot APK and install it on your gadget.

Method 2: Now after completing the installation process, open the app on your gadget.

Method 3: Next, select the country and fake number.

Method 4: After that, choose your target number to make a prank call.

Method 5: Choose your voice character from the voice filter.

Method 6: Done, you can now make a prank call with your friends to bring lots of laughs.


Myphonerobot APK is a perfect application for making prank calls with your family and friends.

With that, you can spoof messages, spoof calls, IDs, and text effortlessly. Simultaneously, you will be able to change your voice like a real one, so that no one will be able to detect your original identity. Overall, to enhance your prank call experience, it has all the features.

Download the app now to start a prank call with your friends and family members.


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