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Description of OrbitRemit

OrbitRemit application is a surprising solution for money transfer.

It is basically an overseas money transfer service app. It is cost-effective, easy, secure, and quick system of money transfer to overseas. In terms of cost and time saving, OrbitRemit app is very convenient than banking service.

This app is best online business in Wellington, New Zealand. In 2018, it achieved Cyber Gold Award and Wellington gold award for its outstanding performance. Now, its offices are located in New Zealand, Australia, UK.

Regulated by

  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission)
  • FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit)
  • FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

Nowadays people are concerned about management, safe deposit, and transfer of money as fraudsters peek at finding a loophole to steal others hard earn money. So, people are cautious about safe and dependable money management methods. In this situation CEO Robbie Samson, David Platt, and Tommy Heptinstall established OrbitRemit in 2009 as an app-based money transfer process from Wellington, New Zealand. According to the news average 1 billion NZD is transpired monthly now.

Why OrbitRemit app is suitable for you?

The justifications

  • Considering fees, cost and exchange rate, its 90% lower than other options
  • 100% online
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Check transfer’s status any time.
  • Having Speed and Efficiency
  • There is no maximum amount to transfer.
  • A large amount like above 10000 in any currency is a free transfer fee.
  • New Zealand based, So, they get a special offer when transfer money.

OrbitRemit has some advantages,

  • 131 countries are now open to transfer money.
  • Free of Technical glitches
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Strong and secure APP
  • Better rates than competitors
  • 21 Currencies offered.

Online Hackers and Frauds always lie in wait to deceive people. In contemporary times, we observe that millions of Hackers crack the password of online accounts to steal confidential information and a large amount of money. In this case, account holders are in a perilous situation to protect and keep safe their accounts from online scammers.

In the present time, all over the globe, business & trade, education & research, health & treatment and information & technology, all aspect of human life centered by online. People must transact and transfer money all over the world in order to be carried out these activities. So, they want to discover and invent a secure way to accomplish their regular jobs. 

OrbitRemit got tremendous success for the last 12 years in this sector as it has a unique service compared to their competitors. Presently, 98% of customer reviews are positive. Orbit gets remarkable success for its responsive customer service and low rate. So, Day by day it gets its strong foot in this industry and people keep trust in it.

So, download OrbitRemit APK from below to your mobile for free.

OrbitRemit LTD

20.13 MB

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