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Description of PDF Reader

The PDF Reader application is an excellent tool for opening and managing PDF files, eBooks, and documents on the Android phone easily. After opening the app, you can see the page or scroll and get great animations when you turn the page. Here you will find content, bookmarks, text search tables.

Also, you can read books from zip archives through this app.


Below are some of the great features of the PDF Reader app,

  • Bookmark text pieces, which means you can comment or edit, which is very helpful for proofreading.
  • Export bookmarks to text files.
  • It has a built-in file browser you can access the latest ones very quickly.
  • This PDF Reader app supports online catalogs and Litter Online Bookstore.
  • You will find Text to Speech support.
  • It has hyphenation dictionaries for you.
  • It supports the most complete FB2 format: style, table, footnote.
  • This app supports additional fonts from place TTF to / SD card/fonts. In this app, you will get support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean languages; Auto detects TXT file encoding (GBK, Shift JIS, BIG5, EUC_KR).
  • With two sets of colors, backgrounds, backlight layers, etc. you can create day and night profiles.
  • You can adjust the brightness by flicking the left edge of the screen.
  • For the background, you will find a variety of textures here (stretch or tiles) or solid color, etc.
  • Here you can see page-turning animation like the paper book or "sliding page" animation.
  • In the latest PDF Reader app, you will find customizable tap zones and key actions.
  • You can use the menu / go to / out scroll here or tap the key to set the out scroll action. You can change the speed using the volume keys or the bottom-right and bottom-left tap areas.
  • This app has automatic reformatting of .txt files.
  • While using this app you can customize a wide range of styles using external CSS. You can select the text by double-tapping.

The PDF Reader application lets you extract text from a PDF document and save it as a text file. PDF documents do not contain any images or multimedia injectors, but authors can provide alternative descriptions for images if desired.

If you want to use this essential app, you can download PDF Reader APK to your mobile device.

PDF Reader
pickwick santa

6.80 MB

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