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Description of Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate app mainly translates text and webpage into another language.

This service uses a self-learning statistical machine translation developed by Yandex. The system constructs the dictionary of single word translation based on the analysis of millions of translated texts. The computer first compares it to a database of words in order to translate the text.

The system then makes a comparison of the text to the base language models taking the effort to determine the meaning of an expression in the context of the text.

In 2017, Yandex Translate application switched to follow a hybrid approach by incorporating both statistical machine translation and neural machine translation models. The translation page of Yandex first came into existence in 2009 by utilizing PROMT and built into the Yandex browser itself. Mainly it started to manage translation for a webpage.

In 2010, Yandex Translate launched translator beta mode. It was only available in 3 languages i.e. English, Russian, and Ukrainian allowing only 10000 characters. From February 2021, translation is available in 97 languages.

Features of Yandex Translate app

  • Voice input system
  • Photo-text Translation features available.
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Offline translation option from German, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Spanish into English
  • Learn new words with meaning and examples.
  • Take a picture of a menu, road sign, book page or take a photo with text by your camera roll to view its translation right over the image. These function if you are online and effective for 12 languages.
  • Save translation in your favorite and see its history any time.
  • Speaking to Android Watch and see the translation on its screen.
  • App supports iOS, Android and Windows phones.
  • Listening pronunciation of translation and the original text using as a text speech converter built in the app.
  • Online using facilities 97 languages but offline is for 6 languages.

By the way, download Yandex Translate APK now.

Yandex Translate
Yandex Apps

86.16 MB

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