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WiFi Mouse

WiFi Mouse

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Description of WiFi Mouse

WiFi Mouse APK is an incredible app for users. It allows users to turn an Android or tablet device into a mouse and keyboard. To do that, make sure you have installed a mouse server on your PC and have provided a local IP address on the mouse app.

By following that, you can turn your mobile or tablet device into a mouse easily, which will play a crucial role as a mouse for your computer. This latest WiFi mouse application enables you to do amazing things on your computer.

If by any chance your mouse didn’t work properly, then with your regular device you can sort it out within a few minutes and use it until you buy a new one. Moreover, this WiFi Mouse app works like a charm. You can do a bunch of cool things with this app such as from shutdown to putting a computer to sleep and PowerPoint presentations, everything effortlessly.

It takes control of your whole PC with your Android device.

Features Of WiFi Mouse

It is an effective app that can assist you in controlling your PC through your local device. This will help you to use your device as an alternative mouse for your computer. Therefore, in any urgent situation if the mouse doesn't work properly, then you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

Let’s have a look at its cool features below to get a brief idea.

  • Shut down/ restart your computer as remote with your device.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/9/10 Mac, OS/ Linux, etc.
  • Create your office PowerPoint presentation.
  • Control media playback and presentation.
  • To secure the app, get password protection.
  • Supported dark mode option.
  • Quick control of important applications such as VLC, YouTube, and Netflix.
  • Easily control while playing games on PC.
  • Browse and open computer files through your device effortlessly.

How To Connect WiFi Mouse On PC

If suddenly your mouse doesn’t work properly then you might want to fix it badly, in that case, you can use your device as a remote controller mouse. To do that, you need to connect your smartphone to your PC. Follow the step-by-step guide instructions below to connect to your PC.

Step 1: First, download WiFi Mouse APK and install it on your device.

Step 2: After that, make sure you have installed the mouse server on your PC.

Step 3: Now add the local IP address to your mouse app.

Step 4: Next, open the app on an Android device and wait for it to detect on your computer.

Step 5: Once it has been detected, click on the computer name and your smartphone to auto-connect.

Step 6: Done, you are now ready to use your smartphone as a remote to control your computer. 


WiFi Mouse APK allows users to take control of their PC with their devices. To enhance your productivity and fix the mouse issue, you can use Android as an alternative to turn it into a mouse. Either you can use your device on your computer for a temporary solution or long-term it's up to you.

But to let you know, in both situations, it will work perfectly.

WiFi Mouse
WiFi Mouse

31.90 MB

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