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XAPK Installer

XAPK Installer

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Description of XAPK Installer

You can download XAPK Installer from here for free.

XAPK is a file format for packaging android apps and games that contains at least one APK files with an 0BB file (extra data file to keep an app running). 

This installer is a simple application, used to install XAPK files to android devices like a regular APK file. It scans all the XAPK files on android and extracts the 0BB data file and stores it in another location, after that it install the APK file.

Thus, there is no need to concern about any package or 0BB file error on android.

Key Features of XAPK Installer

Apart from installing and storing XAPK files, it has many other functions. Some of them are,

  • Scans XAPKs and APKs

With XAPK Installer app, you don't need to manually search for XAPK and APK files as it automatically scans your device storage and even the SD card to search for XAPK and APK files.

  • Show All XAPKs and APKs 

XAPK Installer has an integral file browser that shows you both internal storage content and SD card content. It also shows you every XAPK and APK file present in the device.

  • Delete Unwanted XAPKs And APKs

After scanning the device for all XAPK and APK files this app lets you remove the unwanted ones with a one-touch option. Thus, it helps you clean your device storage.

  • Download XAPK And APK Free

XAPK Installer application allows you to download any XAPK or APK files for free in your Android phone and tablet.

  • Locked Apps and Games

There are some applications and games which are banned in many countries due to various reasons. XAPK Installer lets you download the XAPK files of these apps and games and later on you can install them on your device. Thus, letting you use the apps or games that are blocked in your region.

  • Safe and Secure

Downloading XAPK files directly from the internet has some risks and it can harm your device. But this app provides you a secure and smart way of downloading XAPK files.

  • Low Storage Consumption

XAPK files require less memory than both APK and 0BB files together, as XAPK files are compressed APK and 0BB files. So, with XAPK Installer, you can lessen your storage consumption.

  • Prevent 0BB Errors

As XAPK Installer app can download and store XAPK files (APK + 0BB files), you will not need to run into any error while installing 0BB files.

XAPK Installer
XAPK Installer

24.90 MB

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