Antivirus Android

Antivirus Android

Avast Software

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Description of Antivirus Android

Antivirus Android APK is an excellent application for Android mobile users to clean the viruses and threats. It helps to identify the harmful elements that attack your Android smartphone and protects your device from risky, malicious, and corrupted malware.

As a consequence, you get a smooth mobile to run.

At present time, people do not pass a single moment with the internet. All activities are associated with the virtual and digital world. Android users have to download and exchange different things with others. In this circumstance, a lot of unsafe conditions are created in your device.

In this case, you must rely on a trustworthy third-party antivirus application like Antivirus Android app. So, you find comfort whenever use the mobile and its different installed functional applications. It is a common notion that if your device gets attackted with threats.

You fall into a vulnerable situation. This is because your device stores a lot of personal and professional files, photos, and documents. If any unsafe situation happens you must face problems. It this situation, you can take the help of the antiviruse named Antivirus Android.

If you choose the app you can get rid of the problems mentioned.

The latest Antivirus Android application is a third-party antivirus application. It improves the user experience of your Android. This is because it safeguards sensitive, important, and confidential data and information from damage and destruction.

Features of Antivirus Android

  • Identify and block the harmful viruses and threats
  • Analyze spyware, malware, Trojans, and different viruses
  • Create a password block to get rid of risks
  • Anti-phishing functions and features
  • Scan different functions and features such as websites, apps, games, settings, and files in real-time
  • Create encrypted are to keep preserved the data and information
  • Boost the device speed by cleaning from time to time
  • Scan VPN and WiFi setting
  • Control dangers URL and links
  • Blacklisted harmful calls list
  • Pop up the signal when any unsafe element attack the Android smartphone
  • Clean unwanted files to free up the device’s memory space
  • Hide documents and photos to avoid the risky factors
  • Compatible with all Android applications
  • The user interface is so simple to operate

The interesting matter is that if you install the app on your device you do not need to pay a single amount from your account. Besides, the app allows users to create a blacklist of different games, apps, and websites that are harmful to the device.

In addition, if you install the app you do not face any hassle as it updates regularly to clean the app. Moreover, Antivirus Android is a legitimate app. Following all legal rules, it came to the market. So, without feeling any hesitation, you can trust it.

In conclusion, the latest version of the Antivirus Android APK is so useful for your smartphone or tablet devices. You can never tackle any damaging viruses and threats resulting in millions of people choosing the antivirus app all over the world.

Antivirus Android
Avast Software

56.86 MB

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