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Description of Clickmate

Do you need a free auto clicker?

If yes, you can install Clickmate APK now. It is a very useful tool to generate auto click on your screen. If you want to gain progress in the game and set an automated task on Android mobile phone you can install the app. The automating tapping system makes your life easier.

Clickmate application has 3 basic functions,

  1. Manual mode – If you follow the mode you can record as many points as you want. Your active Clickmate automatically taps on the screen. You can stop to tap on the pause button. If you want to run it again just click on Start Again.
  2. Recording mode – This mode allows you to save a sequence of taps to reproduce it when you want. You can create an automatic task to tap on any part of the screen. You also can program the duration and time. Manage automatic tasks with a recording system to save your time.
  3. System Mode – It combines both Manual mode & Recording mode. Having advanced settings of speed, delays, and repetition.

The latest Clickmate app is a useful way to level up and collect more items in the popular clicker games. You just continue tapping on the screen. It speeds up the process, you never get bored. Generally, click or tap on the phone to work continuously. It permits recording both click and gesture pattern.

Features of Clickmate

  • Record and replay your touch input in apps and games
  • Multi-click action on the Android mobile screen  
  • Improve the productivity using the app
  • Having screen gesture pattern to record and playback
  • Actions can be customized
  • No root is required
  • Tasker and MacroDroid Support
  • Record your finger only one time and tap it repeatedly forever
  • Repeat easily
  • Having built in the navigation bar
  • User-friendly interface that helps users to run it efficiently

People fear the risk factor or element. This is because danger lurks in the risky elements such as bugs, malware, bloatware, threats, and viruses. If you do not install the updated app you must fall vulnerable situation. In this case, you are assured and ensured that Clickmate app is 100% safe.

Besides, this app is entirely a secure platform. If you install it on your device you do not lose your private data and information. This app is comparatively a lightweight app for your device. About 9 MB of data space is required to install it. Now, you can install it on a low-end device.

So, you do not lose the speed of your device. This application is completely free for Android smartphone users. you need not expend a single penny from your credit card. So, don’t bother your head about the financial issue. Clickmate is a very useful app for Android phone users.

You get a lot of helpful features that do not provide by other competitors. As a result, the latest version of the Clickmate APK is very popular all over the globe. Now, you do not feel doubt about the app. You just decide to install it and enjoy its functions.


7.25 MB

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