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Description of Crowdsource

Crowdsource application is an excellent crowdsourcing platform from Google designed to enhance the host of Google services through user-face training of various algorithms. In this Crowdsource app, you will find different types each of which Google provides different machines which it can provide as training data in its machine learning algorithms.

Able to complete these small tasks in 5-10 seconds.

In this Crowdsource app, you can level up by earning badges of achievement by answering fun and simple questions, and your voluntary contributions will help improve Google products. You can translate your language to Google, help Google Photos identify objects, help G-Board with handwriting.

There are many more things you can do with this latest Crowdsource application.

Below is a list of different tasks.

  • Verify the image label and let Google know if the images are properly tagged.
  • You can capture, collect, and share images from all over the world.
  • Translate phrases and words into different languages.
  • Choose which phrase is translated correctly.
  • Help to recognize handwriting. Seeing the handwriting, you have to read and type it.
  • You can decide whether any sentence in your language is positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Find landmarks in images.
  • Point to any object to see if the camera can guess what it is.

By submitting answers to various questions, you are contributing to the improvement of Google products as well as rewards, such as the opportunity to connect with other contributors at local meetings, the opportunity to hang out online with Google and other contributors, and to be featured on Crowd source's social channels.

To make the Internet a little better for your community, you can download the Crowdsource app from our website for the latest version and contribute by attending to various tasks.

Google LLC

44.90 MB

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