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Description of FlyVpn

FlyVpn APK will protect you from online hackers, tracers, and data stealers. It has solid privacy and security features to secure your personal information effectively. With this application, you wear an online mask in the online world by camouflaging the IP address.

It helps you prevent any possible attacks due to being completely invisible in the internet world. The latest FlyVpn app ensures your privacy is kept safe while surfing the internet world. To protect your privacy, it provides 300+ servers and 40+ different countries to hide your exact location.

There is no chance that anyone will detect your online presence or steal your information.

Consequently, you will have access to a restricted website to view any type of content. In addition, with the free version, you may not be able to use it for a longer period, due to it having a 3-day free trial. However, by unlocking the paid version, you will turn this VPN into a monster VPN service provider.

Features Of FlyVpn Application

For Android users, this VPN could be an idle choice.

It has military-grade security, a user-friendly interface, unlimited bandwidth, and many more features to enhance your internet surfing experience. Now browse the web world without worrying about stealing or hacking your sensitive information such as bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, or credential documents.

  • Get unlimited VPN bandwidth.
  • Get the best user interface.
  • Encrypt your online data with AES-256 technology.
  • Enjoy fast streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, and live sports streaming online.
  • Breakthrough network restrictions effortlessly.
  • Hide your identity and IP address.
  • Allow multiple VPN connections from a single device.
  • Get strong protection while using public Wi-Fi.
  • Encryption through UDP, TCP, and Sock5 protocols.
  • Prevent hacking and stealing private data from online.
  • Connect with 40+ different VPN locations across the world.
  • Have access to 24/7 technical support.

How To Change FlyVpn Location

With this app, you can easily visit any banned website by the government, company, or your school authority. No one can detect your identity or IP address due to strong privacy and security features. To change your location, follow the process below.

  1. To change your VPN location, download FlyVpn APK and install it on your gadget.
  2. Now open the app on your gadget.
  3. Tap on log in.
  4. Next, tap on the “Quick Connect” button to connect with another country.
  5. Now enjoy your new online location.


FlyVpn APK assists you in masking your online identity, which makes it nearly impossible for any hacker or tracer to detect your exact location. It works like a charm when you visit any restricted website. While visiting you don’t have to worry about your privacy and hacking chances.

You can now easily solve this issue with a single tap option on VPN, it will lead to another country to hide your physical location smoothly.


11.41 MB

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