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Description of Go VPN

Go VPN APK provides its users with a fast secure proxy compared to other competitor apps. Here you will get a hotspot shield and the most secure proxy with military-grade encryption. Overall, it is an outstanding application for Android users to browse the web world freely. 

This latest Go VPN app offers thousands of VPN proxies to its users without subscription fees or hidden charges. You can use all its features effortlessly to dive into the web world securely. It doesn’t require registration for log activities, that’s why you don’t need to turn on the VPN server manually often.

However, using public Wi-Fi always creates the risk of stealing your data from third parties.

To protect your personal information, you can adopt this VPN app. It will provide you with strong privacy and security without spending any money. Therefore, to hide your IP address, and device fingerprint, and to strong protection from possible attacks, this VPN will play a vital role.

Features Of Go VPN Application

Go VPN latest version is the perfect application for Android users. With this app, you will get a range of features to secure your online browsing. You don’t have to worry about stealing or hacking your personal information while visiting any restricted website.

This VPN is developed to provide the best features to its users to enhance the browsing experience. Therefore, you can now hide your IP address and secure your privacy more strongly than ever. The good part is all these features you will get for free without spending a single penny on them.

  • One tap VPN proxy connection.
  • No payment or credit card required.
  • No trial period is needed for use for a lifetime.
  • Get incognito VPN browsing and VPN tunnels.
  • Do unlimited streaming.
  • Get thousands of proxy locations and servers.
  • No trials required, completely free.
  • Fastest connection speed.
  • Get military-grade VPN encryption service.
  • Unblock restricted websites effortlessly without compromising your privacy.
  • User friendly interface.

How To Know If Your Go VPN is Working

VPN gives you a sense of relief that your identity and personal information are safe.

Your subconscious mind tells you that you don’t have to worry about hackers or trackers while browsing the internet. Before browsing the internet world using a VPN is always a wise decision. That’s why you always need to make sure that your VPN is working or not.

To check the VPN option, follow the process below.

  1. Before anything else, download Go VPN APK and install it on your gadget.
  2. Now open the app on your gadget.
  3. Next, tap the turn-off option by toggling the VPN.
  4. After that, visit, there you will be able to see your public IP address.
  5. Now turn on your VPN.
  6. Then connect to the server and choose the location.
  7. Lastly, check your IP address again using the same method. If you see that your IP address has changed after enabling the VPN, that means it’s working properly.


GO VPN APK provides its users with tons of VPN servers to hide IP addresses.

It assists users to visit restricted websites securely. It also protects you against malicious attacks from websites. To secure your surfing internet world and prevent attacks from hackers and trackers, this VPN will be an idle choice for you.


8.23 MB

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