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Record Video With Music


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Description of Record Video With Music

Record Video With Music APK is a useful app for recording videos while listening to music.

However, due to Android feature restrictions, people often struggle to do the task at the same time, which doesn’t allow users to do so. On top of that, with this application, you can record videos while listening to music or record videos with music in the background smoothly.

In the latest Record Video With Music app, you will get a simple navigation function to record videos while listening to music without any interruption. It needs nothing technological to operate. Plus, it supports Bluetooth, headphones, built-in speakers, and many other audio streams.

Additionally, you can save and share your videos on any social platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It allows users to play music from any source. Moreover, it has an intuitive design, a neat interface, and so many useful features. Overall, to record video, while playing music, this is an idle application that you can choose for your regular Android device.

Features Of Record Video With Music Application

This app is an idle choice for those people who wish to listen to music while recording videos. Here they will find many useful features to enhance their recorded video experience. Moreover, the app features to ensure its users that while listening to music if you start recording it won’t stop or pause the music.

Let’s explore Record Video With Music latest version cool features below.

  • Experience a simple user-friendly interface.
  • Support Bluetooth, headphones, built-in speakers, and any other audio stream.
  • Support Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and any other audio source.
  • Easily add music to your video.
  • Record videos with music effortlessly.
  • Experience simple navigation functions.
  • Play music from any source without any obstacle.
  • Share directly from the app on any social platform.

How To Record Video With Music On Android

Sometimes you may find it difficult to add music to a video or feel dull doing editing tasks. With this application, you can now make video recordings with background music efficiently. So, if you want to grasp the idea of how you can record videos with background music, then follow the methods below. 

Method 1: Download Record Video With Music APK and install it on your regular device.

Method 2: Now open the app on your regular device.

Method 3: Next, choose your favorite music that you want as background music from any source.

Method 4: After that, play the music before starting recording.

Method 5: Now hit the record button.

Method 6: Done, now video will start recording with music steadily.


Record Video With Music APK is a great app for recording video while listening to music.

The best part is it won’t interrupt you or stop your music.

Meaning without any obstacles you can listen to music while recording video as per your choice. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface so you can easily navigate the app. Aside from that, you can save the video and share it on social media platforms directly from the app.

Record Video With Music

100.8 MB

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