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Description of Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf VPN APK will be a perfect choice for you if you want to surf the web world without any trouble. Here you can access anonymously any website that is blocked in your region. Apart from that, it’s very easy to use and free with proxy support.

Unlike other VPNs, it lets users use a proxy (HTTP and Socks) to be invisible to the internet.

The latest Ultrasurf VPN application is free, lightweight, fast, and doesn’t require login.

Along with this, there are no trial periods. Moreover, it doesn’t have any bandwidth limitations and doesn’t feature any ads. Aside from that, comfortably navigate it and use public Wi-Fi without worrying about stealing private information.

In addition, to protect your data, Ultrasurf app provides an extra layer of security. It has focused everything on enhancing the user experience. So, to hide your identity in the internet world, this could be the best VPN choice for you.

Features Of Ultrasurf

It is one of the most popular VPN apps around the world.

It provides the best VPN features compared to other competitor's apps. It’s free and easy to use, which makes a vital difference from the rest. While using the app, you won’t face any lagging due to its lightweight, which leads to fast and smooth experiences.

  • Get multiple language support.
  • Obtain the option to share with friends.
  • Prevent showing too many ads.
  • Better User Interface (UI)
  • Select servers from different countries as per your choice.
  • Hide browsing history.
  • Enable the person to access the blocked website.
  • It's free.
  • Hide IP addresses to enhance privacy and security.
  • Provides freedom to access any information without compromising personal data or being traced.

How To Enable Ultrasurf VPN On Android

VPNs can play a crucial role in browsing the internet world.

It secures your personal information and provides strong security from hacking. In that case, this VPN app is such a one-application that provides everything, from secure privacy to proxy, security, the best user interface everything you will get here effortlessly.

Therefore, to enhance your surfing experience in the web world you surely want to enable this app on your gadget. To enable the VPN on your gadget, follow the steps below.

Step 1: To enable the VPN on your device, download Ultrasurf VPN APK and install it on your gadget.

Step 2: Now open the app on your gadget.

Step 3: Next, tap on settings.

Step 4: On settings, tap on network and internet options.

Step 5: After that, search for a VPN.

Step 6: At the top right, choose a server.

Step 7: Click connect. Now enjoy the web world without any hassle or being traced.


Ultrasurf VPN APK assists you in becoming completely invisible in the internet world.

Consequently, you can visit any restricted website effortlessly. It provides the best VPN proxy (HTTP and Socks) to hide your IP address. To secure your internet world surfing, download and install this next-level VPN on your Android device.


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